In the late 1960's, Wanham had a problem. It was a remote farming village tucked away in the northwestern part of the province, and it was gently but surely fading into the past. The last sad addition of the town newspaper said as much, and all the visible signs were there. Families were leaving, businesses were closing (including the 40-year-old sawmill), even the threatened consolidation of the local high school with that of Spirit River more than 30 km away.

Things looked terminal for the 300-person community, 320 miles northwest of Edmonton. But then a curious thing took place. An accidental happening that led to a cohesive, organized, and enthusiastic movement to save Wanham from slipping into obscurity.

Like every other community, Wanham contained several organizations put together for a variety of purposes. One night two meetings were scheduled for the same time and place- that was the accident. However, the same people showed up for both meetings, and it was then, that the die-hard spirit of Wanham was born. The group quickly created C.O.C.O (Community of Co-Operating Organizations) which in turn inspired athletic, cultural, economic, and social upheaval that has made this tiny farming community a very definite dot on the map ever since.

Under COCO planning the community’s activities were coordinated and with the focused goal and pooled energy that this aroused thing began to happen!

Improvements to recreational facilities were undertaken, new industry was planned and put into action. Ideas began action, which in turn resulted in new ideas so the snowball rolled. In the spring of 1971, The Community of Cooperating Organizations became a registered organization known as The Community of Coordinating Organizations or as COCO today.

53 years later, here we are we are still a small community fighting for survival and looking for a place on the map. We take great pride however, in our community, as seen by the die-hard commitment from all of those involved to maintain the sports grounds  where one can access the ball diamond, horse shoe pits, lean to building, picnic tables and large open parking lot, riding arena and more for various activities throughout the year. The Ag Society members have successfully run the sports grounds over its entire life-time. It features a sports complex with a skating rink, curling rink, legion room, as well as a kitchen, and several change rooms. Though the building requires some renovations, the Ag society continues to host events throughout the year to raise funds to do such. The building is available for rentals for public and private events, from church services, weddings, festivals, ball tournaments, horse events and many more. 

The COCO Sports grounds are located at the corner of Highway 49 and Highway 733, or Lot 1, on NE-04-78-03-W6

You can contact our Grounds Director Paul for any questions at (780) 605-3340

Tables and Chairs are available for rental from our COCO Hall. 

Email for details or to reserve tables and chairs for your next event now!