Alberta Mounted Shooters


Come and watch the powder FLY!

Alberta Mounted Shooters Association is a not for profit Cowboy Mounted Shooting Club based in central to northwestern Alberta.


Alberta Competitive Equestrian Sport

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a competitive equestrian sport regulated by several international organizations.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting requires skill in both horsemanship and shooting. It is a timed event and time penalties are added to the running time for each course of fire. Most revolver competitions are 3 or 4 stage matches.

Most shotgun and rifle matches consist of two stages. A stage refers to a course of fire or pattern. The match adds the total times (including penalties) from all stages to get a final time result. There are mens and ladies classes, and each gender is also divided into levels. Refer to the CMSA website for more information and answers to many FAQ.

A typical event requires two single action revolvers loaded with five blank-cartridges. Ten targets are arranged in a horseback riding arena. When the competitor is given a go-signal, the rider guides his/her horse across a timer-line and shoots the ten targets.

When all ten targets are shot, the rider returns across the timer line and his/her score is determined and recorded. The raw time of the rider is computed and penalties are added for missed targets or failure to follow the specified course or procedure or knocking over barrels or target stands.


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